Free Workshops Featuring

Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith

Ben Morris & Melissa Rutz

Jason & Yvonne Wayne

John Lindo & Jessica Cox

Ronnie DeBenedetta & Brandi Tobias

Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair

Michael Kielbasa and Patty Vo

Martin Parker

Mary Ann Nunez

Michael Kiehm

Phil Adams

Sonny Watson


Benji Schwimmer ~ Brandi Tobias ~ Carrie Lucas ~ Courtney Adair

John Lindo ~ Jessica Cox ~ Martin Parker ~ Melissa Rutz ~ Michael Kiehm

Phil Adams ~ Ronnie DeBenedetta ~ Sean McKeever ~ Sonny Watson

MaryAnn Nunez ~ Stan Jaquish ~ Torri Smith ~ Yvonne & Jason Wayne


Friday Night Live Music

The Danny Maika Trio ~ Terra Deva ~ Kurt Hunter

(doing solos, duets, jamming together, and going back and forth
with a DJ for a musical experience like no other!!!)



Helen Tocco, John Lindo, Jumpin Jack Smith
Larisa Tingle, Shaheed Qaasim, Forrest Hanson

Special guest VDJ Nobody on the turntables mixing a set
specifically catered to West Coast Swing dancers



Brad Whelan





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